Illinois made deep connection with Trill Carter


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Spoke with him for an hour last night. Deangelo trill Carter - DL from Minnesota. two time honorable mention. very good player. I asked him about his fit at Illinois and how the visit went along with how he sees Illinois program and staff. this is what he told me.

Biggest Takeaway- Everything honestly. The way the program is ran. Its really a good set up for the players success & team success. Coach B recruited me back in highschool so when I talked to him in Illinois it felt like we were picking back off were we left. I know a lot of recruit’s always talk about how they felt at home when visiting programs but it felt right. Everything about it felt right from my relationships with the players and the coaches. Especially coach jmo, he’s a real genuine dude who wants to see his players succeed on and off the field. The way how he coaches everybody on the defensive line no matter if they are a starter or not. Something that they were really big on with me is changing my body. I love how they aren’t just interested in what I can do on the field but how they can make a difference in my body bc that’s what gone take me to the next level.
I can definitely see myself playing on that defensive line. Just being around those guys for a couple days made me feel like i was already apart of that brother hood”

People from Minnesota side of this think he left just to be closer to Georgia. he told me that’s not true but he does want to be closer to some extent. he just wants his mother to be able to come to more games, Minnesota is 18 hour drive from his home. Illinois is 10. his mother only got to watch one of his games at Minnesota. so 8 hours is a big deal if he were to choose Illinois.

When I asked him when he would be deciding he told me “At the end of this month or maybe even before“.

He does have another visit planned at least. Illinois is in really good shape IMO. He knows how good the DL already is and what he would add.

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